Projects Luxury MT Andorra, houses an exceptional collection of original paintings for sale, including rare works by the most famous artists in history, a wide selection of impressionist art for sale and modern and contemporary art.

No matter the genre or artist, our selection of fine art spans a variety of styles, eras and themes.

Our museum-quality collection includes rare and original oil paintings on canvas, stunning landscape paintings, American fine art, religious works and other rare original works by some of the world's most sought-after and famous artists, including Norman Rockwell, Claude Monet , Pieter Brueghel, Camille Pissarro, Pablo Picasso, Auguste Renoir, Andy Warhol, Rene Magritte.

When you purchase an original painting or rare piece of art, we want you to buy with confidence and complete satisfaction knowing that we back every piece we sell with an unparalleled warranty.

If you are looking to add original art, such as an abstract painting or a contemporary landscape painting, to your collection, browse our wide selection of rare and original paintings.

Explore original works that have appeared in museums, galleries, and private art collections around the world.


Projects Luxury MT Andorra offers a wide selection of rare antiques for sale, including antique silver, glass, porcelain, unique walking sticks, clocks, objects d'art, rare numismatics, vintage furniture and other unique vintage pieces.

These fine antiques, along with a wide selection of original artwork and vintage jewelry, are available.

You can shop for fine antiques online with confidence, whether you are looking to purchase an original painting, sculpture, artifact, or otherwise, we back every item we sell with an unparalleled warranty, giving you the security you need to purchase our exquisite antiques. rare for sale.

We have everything from fine pieces of jewelry to unique antique grandfather clocks.
Our abundant collection of antique and vintage items is unmatched.

Now is the perfect opportunity to find a rare antique piece or vintage collectibles to display in your home.

Our selection of antiques ranges from antique furniture, such as antique Rococo beds and antique card tables, to antique clocks, including original Patek Philippe tower clocks.

Get started today and explore all the fine antique pieces and other antiques available.


Projects Luxury MT Andorra offers an incredible variety of antique and vintage jewelry, high jewelry, fine jewelry and everyday jewelry.

Whether you are looking for the best antique jewelry from the Victorian era or vintage jewelry pieces, such as antique diamond rings or emerald rings, our curated collection features some of the most beautiful and coveted pieces in the world.

From quality yellow gold bracelets encrusted with brilliant-cut diamonds to unique pearl necklaces, antique watches and antique brooches, we have one-of-a-kind jewelry you won't find anywhere else.

No matter what time period you're looking for, find a timeless family heirloom to enjoy for years and years.

Explore unique diamond engagement rings inspired by the Art Deco movement or antique earrings influenced by the Art Nouveau style.

With much of our selection of antique and vintage jewelry vetted by jewelry appraisers with years of experience and accompanied by professional certifications, you can shop with confidence when purchasing our fine vintage and antique jewelry.

At Projects Luxury MT Andorra, you can trust that we only carry the highest quality fine jewelry.
Add a new piece of jewelry to your collection of aspiring and rare antique jewelry.

Shop our exquisite collection of antique jewelry and feel free to contact our knowledgeable sales staff if any items catch your eye

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